The Shopping Centre – by Katie

The beep, the clunk

The colours in chunk

The signs, the cries

The hot meat pies

The movement, the sound

The displays going round

Parents chasing,

Children racing,

Men are pacing!

They to and fro

And come and go

Money to spend,

Things to mend

Driving me quietly

Round the bend!!

I wrote this poem whilst I was working in a shopping centre on the south side of Brisbane. Circa 2005

Dali Dalliance and Leaping Tigers by Ken Grace

LIFE SE ASIA Guest blog by Ken “Charlie” Grace. An amazing journey through the Yunnan Province in Southern China. Read it here …


We set off for the long awaited mountain oasis of Dali, departing Kunming on the overnight sleeper. One reasonably comfortable sleep and we woke, excited and ready for our cultural excursion into South-Western China.

Disappointment! We arrived to find a modern looking city, with tall buildings and highways, rather than the iconic town we expected. Fortunately, a forty-five minute drive brought us to Old Dali Town. Our excitement grew as we took in the Bai style architecture, the beautiful archways and the cobblestone streets.

The taxi dropped us in a lane of concrete structures, but we soon found our accommodation snuggled between these buildings. Sleepy Fish, seemed an apt description; peaceful and tranquil, yet sizzling with the energy and excitement of many travellers. Our Bai style room provided a spacious verandah, which over-looked beautiful well-kept gardens. It couldn’t have been more pleasing, being situated in a quiet area near…

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Eagles Crack Heads in Naughty Nha Trang

What really happened in Vietnam!

Ken "Charlie" Grace

Both Katie and I found it difficult to leave the historic ancient port of Hoi An, with its relaxed riverside dinning, its mix of interesting architecture and its appealing streets, all crammed with shops of every kind. If you add warm and fun-loving local people into this reasoning, then it probably seemed a little crazy not to stay a while longer. This is where fate intervened. Previously, we arranged to meet our niece Cassie and her partner Michael, in Nha Trang, which somehow caused a chain reaction of unwanted events.

Beautiful Hoi An on Sunset Beautiful Hoi An on Sunset

So, blissfully unaware, we taxied it north and headed back to Danang, where we became caught up in a large crowd of paparazzi and onlookers. We didn’t know who they came to see, but we waved at them like movie stars as if it was us, smiling all the while as their camera’s clicked and…

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Help Steph Fight Breast Cancer Today – You Can Make a Difference

Best wishes for Steph!

Ken "Charlie" Grace

Until Friday the price of my eBook ‘Blood Prize’ has been reduced to 99c in order to raise money for Steph’s fight against Breast Cancer. 10% of all sales will be donated to the cause, plus an additional donation directly from myself.

Please see the links below for more details. You can purchase the book using the link below or the links to the right of this post. Thank you to everyone who has already supported this worthwhile cause.

Details of Steph’s Facebook Event to help fight Cancer

Purchase ‘Blood Prize’ for only 99c!

10703730_10203526669180653_1363359877407068984_n Help Steph Knock Out Breast Cancer

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Some Random Thoughts About a Bubble

Perfection sounds great!

Ken "Charlie" Grace

I wondered if life, like the world, is just a sphere of our understanding. Outside of that expanding bubble, nothing exists other than speculation and rumour.

Truly understanding the nature of our sphere might just be the beginning of love.

I think our spheres are a compilation of our thoughts, actions and achievements; an ever growing consciousness.

I also think that if you love everything and everyone in your sphere, then your world is perfect!


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Unconsciously Conscious Living

Ken "Charlie" Grace

After a night of pleasant company, good food and a couple of bottles of red, it occurred to me that a lot of the decisions we make and their subsequent actions may be the truest reflection of who we are! So, if my decisions and what I believe is truly me, then where did this me come from? Where the hell did my beliefs come from?

That night at the dinner party, a women boldly proclaimed that she hated Indians and their awful religious based third-world behaviour. As the night proceeded it occurred to me that she seemed mostly ignorant of Indian culture, so I asked her how many Indians she knew. Her answer shocked me as did my rudeness, yet if she didn’t know a single Indian, then where did her thought come from?

In this case it came from a parent and God only knows where they got…

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A Colourful Silhouette

One of my favourite pictures too. 🙂

Ken "Charlie" Grace

The sign for the outback town of Coober Pedy The sign for the outback town of Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy in South Australia ( It is so hot here, that some people live underground.

One of many amazing sunsets that we saw on our trip out into the middle of Australia. We travelled 8000km in two and a half weeks. The sky out there is so big and beautiful. This is one of my favourite travel photos.

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