The Eagles Nest on Fansipan

Ken "Charlie" Grace

As we walked the short journey, crossing the bridge into Vietnam, the world began to change. We could see China back across the Red River; so close, yet it felt like another universe. We faced a new language, a different currency, changed menu choices, a differing approach to almost everything … and I swear it felt hotter and more humid on this side of the bridge in Lao Cai. Our first hour of people experience in Vietnam, yielded more noisy emotion than the past month of travelling amoungst the discreet and respectful quietness of the Chinese. All around us, we could hear loud high-tension arguments and negotiations, joke telling and raucous laughter. People here, seemed to live in the moment … with passion.

After several interesting attempts at procuring a cab at the recommended price, we eventually headed to the hill town of Sa Pa, a little out-of-pocket, but thankfully…

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